Terms & Conditions

The purpose of the site sketchue.com is to propose designs for kids coloring. The drawings can be downloaded (with download) and printed free of charge for information purposes only and didactic. This allows for example the teachers to use the drawings in teaching to learn their little pupils in a fun way the alphabet, numbers, animals, foods, colors, crafts etc ... No image is distributed for a fee. The images on this site are from the public domain or obtained directly from sketchue.com. The designs on this site are published for consultation and pure profit. The intent of sketchue.com is not violating any intellectual property right. Sketchue.com asks to be contacted in case there were drawings on the site that could even remotely affect the rights of third parties or violate other laws currently existing or feasible in the future so you can immediately remove the image. The use of the material on sketchue.com and access to the site shall be under the sole responsibility and under the exclusive control of the user therefore no responsibility can be attributed to the creator of the site in case of damages caused by improper the material contained therein.